Basic Contract Review


Sometimes, a little advice and support is all you need.  And that’s exactly what you’ll get with a basic contract review.  Pricing for a review starts at $499.  If your project is more complex it may cost more, which we’ll always be sure to let you know before you incur any legal fees.

When you do a contract review with Skepsis, we’ll review your contract, along with any questions you may have.  Then, we’ll sit down together and go over everything, highlighting any great terms, any risky terms, the terms we recommend you negotiate, and the terms you can’t change but maybe we can do something to mitigate those risks.  You’ll also have free reign during your meeting to ask your lawyer anything you’d like about the agreement, negotiation strategies, and more.  A basic contract review is helpful for anyone who is handed a contract and asked to sign it, whether you’re an independent contractor, a freelancer, a subcontractor, a supplier, a retailer, or others.

Need more help with your contract after the initial review?  Your second session isn’t included with this package, but if you contact your attorney, we’ll be happy to help.


Our experienced legal team is standing by.

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