IP Licensing Agreement


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Whether you need an IP licensing agreement drafted from scratch, or a review and negotiation of an agreement you’ve received from a potential business opportunity, Skepsis Legal is happy to help.

Our IP licensing agreement services begin with an initial consult to determine the licensing agreement you have in mind; the business structure; the IP at issue; and other important details.  In our initial meeting, we’ll also answer your questions about the process, and make recommendations about how to structure your IP licensing to meet your business goals.

Once we’ve met and we have some background on your project, our team will dive in on drafting or revising your licensing agreement.  We’ll provide you with options and recommendations as to what you may or may not want to include, and why, so you can be sure you get the best agreement for you and your business.

Our standard turnaround time for new agreements is two weeks; edits to existing agreements can typically be completed sooner.  Need it in a rush?  We can definitely speed it up for you; a rush fee will apply.

Important Terms and Conditions:

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  • For businesses based in CA: Flat fees for the work described herein are earned as work on the matter is completed, in the amounts that would have been earned had the work been performed hourly, or in proportion to the percentage of the entire project completed, whichever is more.  Flat fees will be deposited in the firm’s trust account held in Washington until such time as they are earned.
  • For all other businesses:  Flat fees for the work described herein are due prior to beginning work, and are earned immediately on receipt and will not be placed into a trust account.  This does not alter your right to terminate the attorney-client relationship, and if the relationship is terminated, you may be entitled to a refund in whole or in part if the agreed-upon legal services have not been completed.  To calculate whether a refund is owed, we will calculate fees earned on the basis of hourly rates in effect at the time the work was performed.
  • Posted pricing is the starting price and based on several assumptions about the scope and complexity of the project.  Prior to beginning work, we will evaluate your project and confirm pricing.  If your pricing is higher and you do not agree to revised pricing, then any fees paid will be refunded to you.