Multi Member LLC


Set your business up with the right structure from the get-go, and avoid potentially risky and expensive updates, liabilities, and more down the road.  Pricing is per member.


We make it easy to properly form your multi-member LLC to keep it compliant and protected.

Structured to meet the more complex needs of limited liability companies with multiple members, the Multi-Member LLC package will help ensure your business is formed properly from day one. Relax—we’ll take care of your formation and licensing documents to set your business up for success. 

What do you get when you form a multi-member LLC with Skepsis Legal?

Skepsis Legal’s flat-fee LLC formation package includes:

  • An initial meeting with your attorney to make sure LLC is the most strategic formation for your business
  • State name search
  • State business filing
  • Preparation & filing of initial annual report
  • State business license
  • One local (city or county) business license – and if you need more, we’ll let you know
  • Open accounts with state agencies such as LNI & unemployment if you’ll have employees
  • LLC agreement strategically customized and tailored for the needs of your business
  • EIN number
  • Resale certificate (if applicable)
  • Contractor’s license (if applicable)
  • PLUS–You’ll get a fully-customized Business Handbook. Our step-by-step guide will keep you on track for your greatest success. 
  • Final meeting with your attorney to review everything and answer any questions you may have.

Total value: Over $1,000 per Member

Save huge on legal fees with our flat fee pricing.


Why Choose A Multi-Member LLC?

  • You want to protect yourself from business liability.  If someone sues your business, should you lose your bank accounts, house, car or paycheck.  No way.  Protect your personal assets with an LLC.
  • You’re forming a company with business partners, friends, or family.  Make sure all your business partners are on the same page from the get-go with a solid business agreement that defines everyone’s contributions, roles, and profits.

Why Choose Skepsis Legal?

  • Upfront costs.  Effectively budget for the legal services you need when forming your business. 
  • Solid investment.  Avoid unexpected legal problems by partnering with us to watch your back.
  • Strategic legal partner.  Make your business the asset it should be rather than the liability it can become.

Select the number of members your LLC will have to get started: