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$499.00 / month

Starting a business without having a business lawyer on call for you is like taking a hike through the desert without bringing a water bottle.  Most people make it, but the ones who go in prepared reach their milestones more quickly and have an easier time on the journey.  You’re putting everything into your new business – set yourself up for success with the experienced, proactive, and ongoing legal support you and your new business need.

Starting a new business is no small endeavour!  With Skepsis Legal's startup subscription, you can set yourself up for success, and make sure your new major investment is protected, all while saving huge on legal fees.

What Does A Business Legal Subscription Provide?

This 12-month subscription will get your business up and running properly from the get-go, so you don't have to worry about whether your business is really structured properly to meet your business and personal goals.  We'll also manage and take care of all your legal compliance in the first year, so you can focus on making your business a success - not on tedious and time-consuming legal requirements.

But most importantly, with your startup subscription from Skepsis Legal, you'll have anytime access to your attorney so you don't have to worry about whether new business legal questions might break your bank.

Why Should My New Business Consider A Subscription?

We recommend subscriptions for new companies starting up, for four main reasons:

  • You'll want to keep the time-consuming compliance work off your plate while you're busy building up clientele, training, and doing the work;
  • The subscription includes updates to your company's formation legal documents for no added cost, which can save thousands of dollars when you're in your first year and realize that the decisions and priorities you made at the outset are now changing and evolving;
  • Having fully included access to your attorney as your business starts up can be the make-it-or-break-it difference for your new company as new business questions and scenarios fly in that you never conceived at the outset. We can help support you and walk you through how to handle those issues that invariably come up when you least expect them; and
  • The value of all the services included in our subscription, if purchased a la carte or paid hourly, is over $10K in your first year.  Your business can not only save almost $5,000 on its first year legal expenses by investing in a subscription, but also, our subscription allows you to better manage your new business's cashflow by spreading your costs over 12 months instead of having to pay it all at once up front.

So what exactly will be included in your new business startup subscription?

  • We'll start by forming your new business with the state.  This includes:
    • Preparing and filing the new business paperwork with the state;
    • Obtaining your EIN;
    • Obtaining your state business license (and employment account if you’ll have employees in the first 12 months);
    • Prepare and obtain signatures on your registered agent paperwork;
    • Obtain one local business license for your main office, as well as providing legal advice regarding any additional local business licenses that may be needed; and
    • File your s-corp paperwork with the IRS if you choose to be taxed as an s-corp (and if you're not sure what that is or whether you should do it, we're happy to advise on that - it's included in your subscription).
  • Next, we'll prepare the custom-tailored LLC Operating Agreement (or Articles and Bylaws for a corporation) that will govern the business operations and add additional protections for you against personal liability.
  • Then we'll provide you with a "business playbook" that will help you keep your business in compliance moving forward.
  • Skepsis Legal will also serve as your new business's registered agent during the term of your subscription to receive business-critical communication from the state and, if needed, lawsuits, and make sure you know what steps you need to take next (if we're not already handling it for you in your subscription, that is).
  • We'll prepare and file your annual reports with the state when due during the term of your subscription.
  • We'll prepare all the paperwork required for the company to legally take action, such as conducting member and manager votes, preparing and issuing meeting notices required by law, and - most importantly - preparing the paperwork to authorize distributions of company profits to owners.
  • You have the option to pay monthly, or to save even more on legal fees when you opt to pay for the entire year up front.
  • You'll also have unlimited access to your business lawyer to help you through your first year, with all of the following included:
    • Quarterly Legal Strategy Sessions.  These quarterly calls are your chance to meet with your business's legal department and ask any questions that have come up; get proactive business advice from your company's lawyers about questions you might not even know you should be asking; and hone your business's legal strategy to better serve your overall business strategy and goals.
    • As-needed secure messaging with your attorneys with a guaranteed priority response time of three business days (although we typically respond much quicker).
    • As-needed additional 15-minute check-in calls, subject to attorney availability.  You'll receive a priority scheduling link allowing you to schedule calls with your attorney as needed between your quarterly check-ins.  This is great for those questions that pop up but are tough to put into an email.

Starting a business without having a business lawyer on call for you is like taking a hike through the desert without bringing a water bottle.  Most people make it, but the ones who go in prepared reach their milestones more quickly and have an easier time on the journey.  You're putting everything into your new business - set yourself up for success with the experienced legal support you and your new business need.

What Else Should I Know?

Well, we are lawyers, so of course there's some fine print we want to make sure we put out there.

  • By purchasing this product, you're agreeing to the scope, terms, and conditions on this page.
  • Not sure what business structure is right for you?  Then we recommend starting with a business structure strategy session, which you can book here:
  • This package is designed for LLCs or corporations with up to 3 owners.  If your company will have more owners, we charge an additional $100 per month for each additional owner.  We may also recommend a different package, or a custom package, for more complicated business structures.  In setting our pricing here, we've made some assumptions about the services we think your company may and may not need, based on our extensive experience.  If we discover at any point that your company will need more or different services, we'll let you know right away, along with the cost of those services.
  • Minimum 12-month commitment required.
  • Governmental filing fees are not included; we collect a $500 deposit to pay those to governmental entities on your behalf.  This deposit must be paid before we begin our work.  If we do not spend the full $500 deposit, the excess will be returned to you.  Sometimes, we need to pay government entities more than the $500 deposit, and if that occurs, you agree to replenish your deposit on our request.
  • For businesses based in CA: Flat fees for the work described herein are earned as work on the matter is completed, in the amounts that would have been earned had the work been performed hourly, or in proportion to the percentage of the entire project completed, whichever is more.  Flat fees will be deposited in the firm's trust account held in Washington until such time as they are earned.
  • For all other businesses:  Flat fees for the work described herein are due prior to beginning work, and are earned immediately on receipt and will not be placed into a trust account.  This does not alter your right to terminate the attorney-client relationship, and if the relationship is terminated, you may be entitled to a refund in whole or in part if the agreed-upon legal services have not been completed.  To calculate whether a refund is owed, we will calculate fees earned on the basis of hourly rates in effect at the time the work was performed.
  • To determine if a refund is due, we will calculate the value of the services performed based on our hourly rates in effect at the time of performance.  Any amount paid over such calculation will be refunded to you.  If based on that calculation funds are due to the firm, Skepsis Legal reserves the right to auto-bill your payment method on file for the difference between the amount paid and the value of services based on the hourly calculation just described.
  • Enrollment in autopay is required.  You agree to keep your autopay information up to date.  If autopay fails for any reason, you agree that we may pause our services at any time until autopay information is updated.  If autopay information is not updated for a period of 30 days or more, we may consider this a termination, cease services, and calculate any refund/payment owed per the hourly calculation described above.
  • Subscription will auto-renew until you cancel.
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