Our Approach

Your business deserves more than the status quo.
That’s why we created a completely different legal model.

You already have enough on your plate. We’re here to act as your in-house legal team, without the unpredictable fees and none of the headaches that come with hiring legal counsel by the hour.

From business formation and contracts to litigation and compliance, Skepsis takes the hassle out of legal. Instead of a stress-inducing task on your to-do list, you get a personal connection with a team of talented legal professionals who know your business inside and out.

We take care of all things legal so you don’t have to.

How does it work?

How does it work Business Legal Services
  • We explain things without overexplaining.
  • We provide just the right amount of information you need to feel confident without burdening you with the nitty-gritty.
  • We take care of you so you can relax, knowing your best interests are at the top of our priority list.
  • We find creative solutions to adversarial situations with assertive representation when you need it.

You Get More with Skepsis

Strategic planning
Proactive counsel
Wholistic approach
Experienced litigators
Flat-rate fee structure
Total confidence
Access to your lawyer at no extra cost
Lawyers who are as passionate about your business as you are

Online Document Preparers


Traditional Lawyer
N(rare, but possible)


In-house legal department
N(if you’re lucky)


The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Skepsis Legal was created by award-winning attorney Devon Thurtle Anderson after working for over 15 years using a traditional retainer/time = money legal business model. Her years of experience working with these businesses made clear that being reactive to legal issues and sending out surprise bills for hourly work was a lose-lose, for both the client and the attorney. Meanwhile, her legal success hinged on achieving the win-win, and she knew she had to bring that experience not only into the work she did on behalf of her clients, but also into the attorney-client relationship itself.

So she took the traditional legal model, turned it inside-out, upside-down, round and round and back again. Then she shook it around a little, worked with it some more, and now years of experience and creative problem solving have made her vision come to life.

Skepsis Legal is a holistic, subscription-based approach that’s proactive rather than reactive. A better way to protect your business.

Meet Our Attorney

Devon is top-notch, with decades of experience in industries such as real estate, construction, land development, finance, and more. She takes a strong stand for you when necessary, and is resourceful in finding win-win solutions whenever possible. She is also a super nice person, ready to bust the myth that working with lawyers is a pain or a necessary evil.

DEVON Thurtle Anderson

“Devon’s thoughtful and comprehensive approach was critical and valuable!”

– Jim, President, A Forest Products Company

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