Initial Consult

Ready to find out if we’re a good fit for your business?
Scheduling an initial consult is the first step.
During our call, we’ll learn all we can about your business so we can assess your risks, liabilities, and business goals to develop a strategic legal plan that is a perfect fit. It’s not just fluff, either. That’s why we charge a nominal fee for your initial consult, so we can get real work done.

We know your time is valuable.

We won’t waste it trying to sell you anything. In some cases, 30 minutes is all it takes to understand your situation and provide the solution you need.

When it comes to bigger issues, we will create an action plan for our next steps.

Custom Strategy

There’s no extra charge for developing your custom legal strategy.

If the legal problem you need help with is resolved during the initial consult, we’re done and you’ll be all set. If not, we’ll use our clever strategery and years of experience to gather the info we need for creating a custom package that includes the appropriate legal services you need to reach your business goals.

If you like the proposal, we’ll get to work pronto.

We’ll schedule a follow-up call to carefully review our customized proposal together. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions so you feel confident our services are the right fit. If you decide to work with us, you can expect us to get started right away.

If not, you’ll walk away with insights the equivalent of legal gold to apply to your business in any way you choose. It’s pretty much a win either way.

“Devon is very thorough…. I recommend her to anyone looking for help in an insurance claim.”

– Makafui Danhounsru, Business Owner

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