Risk Management

Wondering if your business is pointed in the right direction for success?

Every business faces some level of risk in its activities; it’s the nature of the beast when operating a successful business—but it can be managed. Our experience in risk management will help you strategically review your business activities so there are no surprises on the path to a bright future.

We’ll make sure you are aware of the potential risks you face so you can eliminate them whenever possible; and when it’s not, make smart, informed decisions about where to take your business next.

Anticipating legal obligations is the best offensive strategy.

Risk Management

A proactive approach to risk management requires more than the typical defensive legal strategy. Our skilled team will establish a strong relationship with your business so we can anticipate legal obligations and risks your business may face. For us, it’s about playing smart, and creating a strong offense so you can feel confident knowing your plans for success won’t be dashed by an unexpected legal issue.

Our risk management team will help you:
  • Operate your business in a way that strategically manages and minimizes risks typical in your industry.
  • Anticipate your legal obligations so you won’t be surprised by unexpected risks.
  • Make smart decisions that keep you on track to meet and exceed your business goals.

Meet Our Risk Management Attorney


Although her father claims she’s had an overdeveloped sense of justice since the early 80s, Devon is whip-smart, thinks on her feet, and has been helping professionals avoid disputes (and solve them when needed) to grow their businesses since 2005.

We protect your real-world business interests. Period.

Our litigation experience is just one of the things that sets us apart from the rest. We know how things play out in the real world, which means we know that actually winning in court is a key component when it comes to managing risk. Working with a transactional lawyer, or an in-house attorney that hasn’t litigated your issues, you get what looks good on paper, not what actually wins the day.

Since no outcome can ever be guaranteed, and our past results are no guarantee of any future income for your business, our goal is always to protect your real-world business interests.

No more surprises. We make sure your insurance coverage protects you when you need it.

Unfortunately, no company or lawyer, or anyone for that matter, can protect against all risk. To get that you’d simply have to refuse to do business at all. We conduct thorough insurance reviews to make sure the insurance you have actually protects your business when you need it. We’ll also go the extra mile to identify any holes in coverage and work to mitigate those non-covered risks.

We’ll either get them covered or draft contracts and help you conduct business in a way that minimizes these risks.

We go the extra mile risk management
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