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Skepsis takes the hassle out of legal.
Legal tasks that might take a busy business owner like you countless hours to research, learn, and execute, we’ve done a million times before. Partnering with us allows the vital legal documentation and legal work to get done. Easily. Efficiently. Affordably.

Whether you’re in real estate, construction, land development, bookkeeping, finance, arts and entertainment, or any other sector, our subscription-based legal model makes it easy for you to focus on running a successful business.

We’re here to help.

We act as your Legal Dream Team—anticipating concerns and monitoring compliance, contractual obligations, and industry-specific sticky spots so unexpected legal issues don’t derail your plans for success.

Our Wheelhouse
  • Business Formation
  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management

Business Formation

Our experienced team will help strategize the legal entity most likely to help you reach your business goals. Our thorough process ensures you won’t miss a step. We’ll help you set up your business properly from the very beginning so you’ll never have to learn lessons the hard way or clean up decisions that weren’t in the best interest of your business. From LLCs to S-corps to B-corps and more, we’re here to help structure your business right the first time.
Business Formation


Let’s face it, you’re super smart and could probably figure out how to draft certain contracts on your own. But should you? Besides the time it takes away from what you do best, learning to draft, review, or revise DIY legal contracts for your business can be a lesson in futility. We make it easy. We take obtuse legalese and break it down so you always know what’s what without having to take a crash course to get things done.


Nobody wants to go to court, but when it becomes necessary, we’ll help you protect the interests of your business with smart, professional, strong advocacy to get the job done. We do all we can to avoid sticky situations that result in litigation, but we’re also fully prepared to represent you when lawsuits arise, whether you’re suing or being sued. Our subscription-based model means we’ll already be up to speed, ready to do what it takes to protect your business.
Litigation Legal Services
Compliance Legal Services


We know you have enough on your plate running the day-to-day operations of your business, so let us worry about the legal side of things. We offer cost-effective, subscription-based legal plans designed to ensure your business is not only properly formed now, but remains current on its legal obligations and stays properly formed going forward. As a benefit of membership, we’ll help businesses like yours review current plans so you can meet your future goals in an efficient and legally compliant way.

Risk Management

Hiring a lawyer by the hour isn’t the best way to set up a proactive strategy for managing risks your business may face. Our subscription-based service model uses a more wholistic approach than the typical defensive legal strategies. By establishing a strong relationship with your business, we are able to play offense, anticipating legal obligations you may never have known were needed in the first place. We’ll do more than just keep your business out of hot water. We’ll use our superpowers to put your business on a trajectory to success—so you can serve your customers and clients in the best way possible.
Risk Management Legal Services

“[Skepsis] was very professional …. Had it not been for [Skepsis’] hard work, I wouldn’t have received a dime.”

– Jeremy

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