Smart strategy. Strong advocacy.

Although most businesses hope to avoid a lawsuit, sometimes it’s a critical business strategy. That’s why, when lawsuits do arise, you need a strong attorney who knows her way around the courtroom and how to handle unreasonable opposing counsel.

Working with us gives you a seamless collaborative process when litigation is required.

Unparalleled experience. Honest advocacy.


Our litigation experience is exceptional. Case in point: We’ve successfully recovered 6 figures in cases with just 2 or 3 parties and over 9 figures in cases with well over 40 parties across multiple states for a single problem (of course, as with anything in life, your results may vary). Add in the complication of each party’s insurers arguing over who pays first and we get even more opportunities to shine.

With our team on board, you can bet we’ll never shy away from a litigation challenge and won’t advise engagement in a case that doesn’t pencil out in your favor. Although we think we’re generally very pleasant to work with, we’re never afraid to charge into battle on your behalf.

Our litigation team will help you:
  • Protect the interests of your business with strong advocacy when you need it.
  • Avoid litigation in the first place while remaining fully prepared to represent you when lawsuits arise.
  • Relax in confidence knowing you’re in good hands, in the courtroom and out.

Meet Our Litigation Attorney


Although her father claims she’s had an overdeveloped sense of justice since the early 80s, Devon is whip-smart, thinks on her feet, and has been helping professionals avoid disputes (and solve them when needed) to grow their businesses since 2005.

Take the fear out of litigation and turn it into a rational business decision.

We understand litigation is a decision requiring intelligent strategy just like any other aspect of your business. That’s why the end goal of litigation should always be to add value to your business, however that value is defined. So sure, we could spend $100k on litigation knowing there’s a 10% chance you’d get double your money back in damages. While $20k (that’s $200K reward at 10% likelihood) might be a win for your lawyer, it’s likely lousy for your business.

When you partner with us, we’ll never litigate blindly just for the sake of winning. We’ll always choose a smart legal strategy that puts your business first.

We don’t farm out litigation. Ready to slay dragons as needed.

Work with us and you’ll actually work with us. Even big companies that have big legal departments often farm out litigation because, quite frankly, they don’t have the experience required to actually win. That’s not an issue with us—our team knows the inside of a courtroom like the back of our hands. Even though we’ll do all we can to keep your business out of it, we’re bulldogs; ready to fight when the circumstances require it.

We’re tough, not afraid to show some teeth, and even use them as necessary. You can count on us to apply our thousands of hours of experience defending and prosecuting successful cases in a court of law to protect your business.

Slaying Dragons
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