Why should your modern business settle for medieval contracts?
Plenty of attorneys can write contracts, but lawyers who write contracts full of archaic legalese are just plain lazy. Old-school, out-of-date contracts may sound fancy, but they are super confusing, and not just to you. They’re also likely to be misinterpreted by the judge, who has ultimate authority over what the contract actually means.

Obscure language isn’t helpful to anyone involved and is the main reason you’ll end up settling contract disputes in court.

Smart, clear, strategic contracts are our thing.

Drafting smart, modern legal documents strategically designed to protect your business is just one of the many tasks that seriously light us up. There’s no need to waste anyone’s time wading through legal gibberish when you could be focusing 100% on moving your business forward, and the business relationships memorialized in your contracts. You’ll never have to waste your time wondering if your contracts make sense when you work with us.

We make it easy so you can relax, knowing you’ll never have to defend vague language used against you in a court of law.

Our clear, concise contracts will help you:
  • Protect your interests with clear, modern language that you, your vendors, employees, clients, contractors, and especially judges will understand.
  • Check contracts off your list completely. We’ll draft, review, revise, and even negotiate the agreements you need to propel your business into the stratosphere.
  • Avoid strain on your relationships. We can push harder (if needed) so you don’t have to be the one putting demands on people you need to manage with care.
Contract Lawyer

Meet Our Contracts Attorney


Although her father claims she’s had an overdeveloped sense of justice since the early 80s, Devon is whip-smart, thinks on her feet, and has been helping professionals avoid disputes (and solve them when needed) to grow their businesses since 2005.

The protection you need in words you can understand.

We also strategically consider your audience every time we draft or review a contract. We’re able to make our contracts clear and appropriate to the circumstances so your employees, clientele, or vendors aren’t scared off by fear-inducing (and often unnecessary) language.

We know you operate your business in the real world, so we promise everything we do translates in real-world terms. And did we mention the value of knowing no stone has been left unturned? Well, it’s huge. And if ever there’s a stone we can’t protect against perfectly, we’ll make sure you’re aware of it so associated risks can be eliminated or mitigated properly.

We’ll be the heavy so you can be the hero.

When it comes to negotiations, we understand how important it is for you to preserve your significant professional relationships. We can stay in the background and feed you the information you need to come out on top, or we can handle things directly on your behalf. Either way, we’ve always got your back when it comes to contracts.

We promise to never make you feel like you should know better, or overwhelm you or your associates with legal jargon. We’re your legal partner, offering the strategic protection you need to let your business thrive.

Contract Lawyer for Businesses