Residential Eviction (Kootenai County)


We are honored to help residential landlords in Idaho properly and legally evict tenants whose lease has ended, or who have materially breached their lease.


Evicting a residential tenant is never fun, but at Skepsis Legal we work to make sure that evicting a tenant from a rental home you own, when necessary, goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Working With An Experienced Lawyer On Your Idaho Eviction Is Critical.

Most states, including Idaho, have laws in place to protect residential tenants from unlawful eviction from their home.  Unfortunately for landlords, this means that there is a lot of red tape making a proper eviction difficult.  In fact, a residential landlord that tries to evict a tenant without very carefully following the correct state eviction laws and procedures can not only lose the eviction, but the landlord can also be fined thousands of dollars for an improper eviction.  So, working with an experienced attorney on your Idaho residential eviction is critical.

Why Work With Skepsis On An Idaho Residential Eviction?

At Skepsis, we regularly work with residential property owners on all kinds of business matters, from LLC formation to lease drafting to evictions.  Our landlord experience ranges from families owning a single rental property up to national property management firms with thousands of properties nationwide.  We’ve navigated the residential eviction process before, and we can help you properly and efficiently evict your residential tenant.

What If It’s a Tough Case?

We have also successfully handled difficult eviction cases.  Is your tenant delaying eviction by dodging notices and processes servers?  Are you worried the tentant might be dangerous if you try to go to the property and talk to them?

Yep, we’ve handled cases like those, and while our past success cannot guarantee future success, we have an arsenal of tools and strategies at our disposal to handle both routine and tricky evictions.

What Does The Idaho Eviction Process Look Like When Working With Skepsis?

Once you purchase this service, you can expect to hear from one of our attorneys within just a few short business days.  We’ll set up an initial call to gather information about the property, the tenant, and the reason for the eviction.

Then, we’ll take all that information and perform a legal analysis to confirm that you can indeed evict your tenant legally.  If there are any prerequisites to an eviction that haven’t been fulfilled yet, we’ll help you draft and deliver those to avoid potentially expensive fines down the road.

Once we confirm you can legally proceed with your eviction, we’ll file the eviction paperwork with the court, and get it served on your tenant.  At that point, we’ll get a court date, and we’ll let you know if you will need to appear in court with us on that date.

On the court date, your tenant may or may not appear.  If the tenant does not appear, then typically the judge will enter your eviction order.  If the tenant does appear, then typically the judge will want us to try and work with the tenant to agree on a move-out date to avoid a formal eviction, and our attorneys will help walk you through that process as well should it arise.

What Should I Expect Timing-Wise?

While some evictions can take as little as 30 days, we recommend our clients plan 60-90 days for their eviction to be safe.  This allows us time to work through legal channels if a tenant is dodging service of court papers, or if we have to work with the sheriff to forcibly remove the tenant after the judge signs off on an eviction.

Does The Eviction Lawsuit End With A Judgment for Back Rent Owed?

No, this is an expedited eviction proceeding only.  Under Idaho statutes, you need to file a separate lawsuit to get a judgment for back rent.  While we’re happy to talk about the viability of making that claim separately, it is not included in this service and would be billed separately.

When Do Skepsis Legal’s Services End?

Our services end when your tenant moves out.  At this point, it’s possible you have an unpaid judgment for court costs and attorney fees; our eviction service does not include post-judgment collection on those amounts outstanding.  Nor does it include any action to collect back rent due, which is a separate lawsuit.

Why Choose Skepsis Legal for My Residential Evictions?

  • Upfront costs.  Effectively budget for the legal services you need when forming your business.
  • Solid investment.  Avoid unexpected legal problems by partnering with us to watch your back.
  • Strategic legal partner.  Make your business the asset it should be rather than the liability it can become.
  • Proven Landlord Representation Experience.  We’ve been helping businesses, and specifically property owners, with legal issues for nearly 20 years.  We’ve recovered over $100M on behalf of our clients in a variety of situations, and saved them at least as much with great legal advice and proactive protection.   We’ve negotiated with companies like the Seattle Seahawks, Amazon, national REITs, and more.  You’ll benefit from not only our depth of knowledge and detail, but also our extensive experience, which all together adds up to better protection for your business.

What else do I need to know?  (The Fine Print)

  • Residential property must be physically located in Kootenai County, Idaho.
  • Flat fees for the work described herein are due prior to beginning work, and are earned immediately on receipt and will not be placed into a trust account.  This does not alter your right to terminate the attorney-client relationship, and if the relationship is terminated, you may be entitled to a refund in whole or in part if the agreed-upon legal services have not been completed.  To calculate whether a refund is owed, we will calculate fees earned on the basis of hourly rates in effect at the time the work was performed.
  • Posted pricing is the starting price and based on several assumptions about the scope and complexity of the project.  Prior to beginning work, we will evaluate your project and confirm pricing.  If your pricing is higher and you do not agree, then any fees paid will be refunded to you.
  • We do offer volume discounts for property managers with large portfolios and reoccurring needs; feel free to contact us at for more information.
  • The pricing advertised is for legal fees only.  In addition to legal fees, we will collect an additional deposit of $750 to cover court fees, process server fees, sheriff fees, and other third-party charges.  Any portion of these fees that we do not pay to third parties will be returned to you when we finish our work.
  • Sometimes our initial analysis reveals that an eviction is not legally permitted at this time.  If that’s the case, we’ll let you know as soon as possible, and explain why.  We will be entitled to keep $1,000 as our claim analysis fee, and all other funds retained will be returned to you.
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