Corporate Formation


Forming the right corporation for your business takes careful planning and attention to detail.

This service covers an initial meeting with your lawyer to determine the scope of what it will take to form your corporation.  During our meeting, we’ll ask key questions to first confirm that a corporation really is the best business structure to help you reach your goals.  Then, we’ll dive deeper to develop and define your business plans, business strategy, business goals, and more.  After our meeting, your lawyer will take the mountains of information he or she has gathered back to the office, and – this is where the real magic happens – develop a recommended legal strategy, scope, and pricing for making your corporation a successful reality.

This initial phase of our services concludes with a follow-up meeting to discuss the proposed incorporation strategy, and further tweak and tailor it based on your input and feedback.  Once we have the perfect incorporation strategy to meet your goals, and pricing for executing that strategy, you’ll have the option of hiring us go ahead and form your corporation for you.

NOTE: This service is NOT a corporate formation.  Because corporations come in so many different shapes and sizes, we don’t form corporations for our clients until we know we have a sound legal strategy for doing so.  So, this service develops that strategy; actually forming the corporation once we’ve hashed out all the details, including filing with the state, preparing articles of incorporation, preparing bylaws, and more – that is all a separate scope of work subject to separate legal fees.

Our experienced legal team is standing by.

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