Close WA Sole Prop


Make sure you close your business properly to avoid potential future liability, including state tax penalties and fees.



Is it time to close up your Washington sole proprietorship?  Be sure you do it right to avoid potential fines and penalties!  Skepsis Legal is here to help.

What Is Included?

This service covers an initial meeting with your lawyer to determine the scope of what it will take to close your business and gather documents.  During our meeting, we’ll ask key questions and perform research to first confirm we have the proper shut-down process for your business.  After our meeting, your lawyer will take the mountains of information and dive in on getting your sole proprietorship closed up.

Our services include getting proper clearance certificates for your business; closing your business with the Secretary of State and other state agencies if needed; closing up your state and local business licenses; and providing you with the legal documentation and maintenance requirements you’ll need moving forward.

What’s Not Included?

Our services do not include calculating, filing, or paying any taxes; however, we will advise you on which taxes need to be paid when so you can make sure your accountant can handle those for you.  Our services also do not include closing your EIN, simply because you won’t be able to do that until you file your current year’s taxes, so it’s a long way out.  But, we will provide you with the letter and other information to send to the IRS that will close your EIN once your final taxes are filed.

How long does it take?

We generally complete our portion of the work within two weeks.  After that, it may take some additional time as we wait for state agencies to process the paperwork.

What Else Should I Know?

  • By purchasing this service, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and the terms and conditions on our checkout page.
  • In addition to the legal fees above, we will collect a refundable deposit of $500.  This deposit is due before we begin work.  We will use the deposit to pay government filing fees incurred on your behalf.  Any portion of the deposit not spent on filing fees will be refunded to you at the completion of work.  In some cases, the deposit does not cover all filing fees, in which case you agree to make additional deposits as required to cover all such fees.
  • For businesses based in CA: Flat fees for the work described herein are earned as work on the matter is completed, in the amounts that would have been earned had the work been performed hourly, or in proportion to the percentage of the entire project completed, whichever is more.  Flat fees will be deposited in the firm’s trust account held in Washington until such time as they are earned.
  • For all other businesses:  Flat fees for the work described herein are due prior to beginning work, and are earned immediately on receipt and will not be placed into a trust account.  This does not alter your right to terminate the attorney-client relationship, and if the relationship is terminated, you may be entitled to a refund in whole or in part if the agreed-upon legal services have not been completed.  To calculate whether a refund is owed, we will calculate fees earned on the basis of hourly rates in effect at the time the work was performed.
  • Posted pricing is the starting price and based on several assumptions about the scope and complexity of the project.  Prior to beginning work, we will evaluate your project and confirm pricing.  If your pricing is higher and you do not agree to revised pricing, then any fees paid will be refunded to you.