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Website legal docs are a critical part of protecting your business, just like any other contract or insurance policy your business may have.  With Skepsis, your website terms and conditions and privacy policy will be user-friendly, written in plain English, and custom-tailored to your website and your business.

Why have website terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions (T&Cs) is the contract that governs the relationship between your company, and anyone visiting your company’s website.  It protects you and your business from potential liability by letting your website visitors know what they can and can’t do on your site.  It can even protect you from liability that could arise when someone takes information from your site and uses it on another site, in their own business, or anywhere else in the real world.

Why have a website privacy policy?

Some business owners are surprised to learn that most business must, by law, have a privacy policy on their website.  The privacy policy should be drafted by attorneys that understand the technology underlying your website to comply with privacy policy laws.  With Skepsis, you get exactly that.  We also work with business owners to ensure their privacy policies comply with international law, such as the GDPR, when required.

Does it matter how I display these policies on my site?

Yes.  There are some very specific requirements about how your T&Cs and your privacy policy must appear, with certain links in certain places, and more.  When you work with Skepsis Legal for your website documents, we’ll make sure you have not only great legal documents, but that you’re also armed with all the information you need to make them fully legal and effective on your website.  We’ll can work with your web designer directly on the proper display to help save you time and monty.

What other documents might my website need?

One of the benefits of working with Skepsis is that we’ll be on the lookout for other legal documents you might need or want for your website.  We work with our clients proactively, and make proactive recommendations to our clients at no extra cost.  Some of the things we’ll be on the lookout for include:

  • Refund policies
  • Guest post agreements
  • DMCA policies
  • Acceptable use policies
  • Liability and warranty waivers
  • Disclaimers

How can I find out more about website legal documents?

Our library of articles is a wealth of information for you and your business, and it’s always growing. Check it out here.

Important Terms and Conditions:

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  • Your custom website terms and conditions and privacy policy typically takes 2-4 weeks to draft, revise, and finalize.  This assumes we receive responses from you within 3 business days of reaching out.  If, through no fault of Skepsis, the project extends beyond four weeks, we will charge a project extension fee of $250 per week.

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