Business Protection

$950.00 / month and a $1,400.00 sign-up fee

Smart, strategic legal to keep your business compliant and further your goals.  


This package goes beyond the basics to protect your business from a much larger swath of legal risks and personal liability. Business Protection includes everything included in Business Basics, with additional protections for you and your company.

Package includes:

  • Registered Agent Services (WA & ID only)
  • Annual report management and filing
  • Governing documents review, with annual updates
  • Internal compliance: we’ll make sure your company is complying with its own internal procedures as required by your governing documents.  This includes shareholder and director meetings, consents in lieu of meeting, corporate resolutions, and more.
  • Quarterly legal risk strategy sessions
  • Core business contracts: Each year, we’ll update your primary client-side agreement, and your primary vendor-side agreement, to make sure they continue to improve protecting your business as it changes and grows
  • Clear and transparent pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy access to an attorney who understands your business
  • 12 months of strategic legal protection
  • PLUS–Six 30-minute consults, whenever you need them. Keep your personal lawyer on speed dial and ask legal questions without worrying about extra fees.

Total value: $21,00/yr

Save over $6K in your first year, and nearly $10K after that.

Why Choose Business Protection?

  • Upfront costs–Effectively budget for legal services rather than waiting for expensive problems to arise. 
  • Solid investment–Avoid unexpected legal problems by partnering with us to watch your back.

Strategic legal partner–Make your business the asset it should be rather than the liability it can become.