Independent Contractor Agreement


Independent contractor agreements are key for any business working with outside service providers, and the businesses that are those outside service providers.



Whether you’re a freelancer, hiring freelancers, working with outside consultants, you are a consultant, or involved in any other services between two businesses, a strong contract defining the responsibilities and relationships is key.  The pricing shown above makes certain assumptions about the complexity of your project.  If your project is more complex it may cost more, which we’ll always be sure to let you know before you incur any legal fees.

We’ll start by sitting down together (either in person, by phone, or virtually) to identify the key terms you’ll need in your agreement, your business priorities, how to best meet the goals your business has in entering into the agreement in the first place, and more.

Then, we’ll take that treasure trove of information, and prepare a fully custom agreement to suit your business needs.  We also include two rounds of revisions, to make sure it’s fully tailored based on your feedback.

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