Trademark Protection: Complete

From: $549.00 / month

Trademark Complete. This option is designed for businesses that want to not only proactively protect their mark with monitoring, but that also want further protection in the form of legal cost-savings in the event a trademark issue does arise.  It includes:

  • All services from our Trademark Maintenance & Monitoring package (a value of more than $1,000), which includes:
    • Docketing and tracking all renewal deadlines for your trademark;
    • Filing and processing renewals timely; (does not include government filing fees, as those are determined by the USPTO and subject to change – don’t worry, we’ll let you know what all the filing fees are well ahead of time;)
    • Monitoring of new trademark applications to identify potentially conflicting trademarks;
    • Monitoring for potentially infringing use of your trademark;
    • Monitoring your use of the trademark to ensure you are complying with trademark laws;
    • Quarterly reports with summaries of potential infringement and action items;
  • Up to 12 30-minute phone calls with one of our attorneys on trademark related issues each year ($2400 value); and
  • Up to 4 of any combination of the following each year: drafting and issuance of a cease and desist letter; response to a cease and desist letter received; DMCA takedown demand when infringing material is found online (appx. $3200 value).
  • Total Value: Over $6,600 per year.
  • Cost Per Mark: As low as $499/month when billed annually, or $549/month when billed monthly.

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