Trademark Protection: Maintenance & Monitoring

$995.00 / year

Trademark Maintenance & Monitoring. This solution is designed for businesses that want to take a more proactive approach in protecting their mark; instead of waiting for a potential infringement to find you, Skepsis Legal will actively monitor your trademark to look for proposed, registered, and non- registered marks that may conflict with yours. It includes:

  • Docketing and tracking all renewal deadlines for your trademark;
  • Filing and processing renewals timely; (does not include government filing fees, as those are determined by the USPTO and subject to change – don’t worry, we’ll let you know what all the filing fees are well ahead of time);
  • Monitoring of new trademark applications to identify potentially conflicting trademarks;
  • Monitoring for potentially infringing use of your trademark;
  • Monitoring your use of the trademark to ensure you are complying with trademark laws;
  • Quarterly reports with summaries of potential infringement and action items; and
  • Up to 4 30-minute phone calls with one of our attorneys on trademark related issues each year (appx. $800 value).
  • Cost: $995/year per mark.

Our experienced legal team is standing by.

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